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By drawing on years of accumulated experiance, we carefully and sympathetically match products from our broad portfolio to suit our customers' often unique requirements.  

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Supplying Seating for Generations!

For many, the subject of seating can pass without too much thought.  We can adjust ourselves into an acceptable position in most chairs and re-adjust as and when necessary.  Just take a moment to consider those who are maybe weaker, possibly even quite frail, and in that situation probably subject to long periods of sitting.  The risk of getting sore is greatly increased - especially so if allowed to remain in the same position. 

Importance of Assessments

Over the years we have seen how correctly specified chairs can quite honestlly transform a person's daily well-being and needless to say, inappropriate chairs can have serious consequences.  At Remtec we realise the importance of this and thats why we provide a seating assessment service.  This enables both ourselves, the client and also any care professionals to see beforehand how the chair will perform for the client and the care environment. 

Some important factors to consider:

Seat width.  Too wide and the chair offers no lateral support.  Pressure may be directed onto one arm in an effort to prevent leaning.  Too narrow results in pressure on the thighs and also creates an issue with getting in and out of the chair - especially if a sling needs fitting.

Seat depth.  Too long and the user's feet will not reach the ground or footplate.  More pressure is placed on the sacral area as the user slouches.  Too short and a smaller area of the buttocks is supported causing body weight to be more conncentrated. 

Seat height.  Too high will make getting up and into the back of the chair unnecessarily difficult.  Feet may then be poorly placed on the floor or footplate.  If the seat height is too low the user may sit down heavily and needless to say, exiting the chair will become a struggle. 

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