Drawing upon our experience within the healthcare industry, our endeavour is to match products to requirements. Client condition, environment, materials and future needs all become considerations.



New Product - Flexi Ward Chair

We are excited to release a new product, the highly adjustable 'Flexi Ward Chair'.

Featuring adjustable seat height, seat depth and back height without the need for tools, the Flexi is your perfect bedside ward chair.  Upholstered in an easy to clean vinyl with a metal framework and hygiene gap around the seat allows for highest standards of infection control.  Flexi Ward Chair allows you to quickly and easily accomodate a spectrum of patients all in one product. 

Tool free adjustment of seat depth, seat height and backrest height

Ergonomic padded arms

Hygiene gap

Integral seat cushion pressure relief

18-24'' S/H

19'' S/W

18-21'' S/D

29-31'' B/H

9'' A/H