Airwave Guard2010

7'' VeryHigh risk Alternating Replacement Mattress System with 'Autoweigh'


A clinically advanced 7” mattress system for very high risk, vulnerable patients and those with complex needs, when only zero pressure will do.

This extremely adaptable and auto-adjustable system allows the caregiver to act quickly to avoid the formation and worsening of pressure ulcers in vulnerable patients.

The intuitive pump features automatic weight and body mass monitors, avoiding the need for intrusive manual weight input, whilst delivering individual pressure adjustment based on how each patient’s weight is distributed.
When zero pressure is required for specific body areas, i.e. heels, sacrum, shoulder blades, the PressureGuard™ cells are instantly removable without disturbance to the patient, and are replaced with a shallower PressureGUARD™ link cell with CLIKFIT™, thereby achieving the zero pressure required.

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Available in 90 and 120cm size
7” PressureGUARD cells with Clikfit™ - removes and replaces within seconds without disturbuing the patient.
Spare 5” PressureGUARD link cell with Clikfit™
Cell in cell – use all 7” of air for patient immersion and comfort but in the event of a power failure or transport requirement a 2” internal air cell is left for patient comfort and safety.
Replaceable 20 x 7” cells
Square top cell for even and complete pressure distribution
Fully launderable
Multi-stretch cover with excellent antshear and anti-friction properties
Strikethrough cover shows up any cuts or holes in the fabric for better infection control
Microclimate management – waterproof vapour permeable
Designed with infection control in mind
Ultra rapid CPR valve
Cable management along full length of the mattress


Autoset –automatic weight setting so no need to weigh the patient
Clinician override if required
Static and dynamic therapy modes
Intelligent pressure sensing
Low pressure and power failure alarms
Panel locks
Plug and play – no need to learn every feature; plug in the pump, switch on and everything else is automatically set up
Multi-functionality – can operate overlays and deep cell replacement mattresses

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