The highly adjustable, modular seating system for clients with complex postural and pressure management needs.


Suitable for children and adults of all ages, with a variety of needs in all care environments, the SmartSeatPro is just so adjustable.  Featuring an all new design backrest made up of three upper backrest components which can be altered in height, depth, angle, offset and rotation, to suit a users needs.  Each of these upper elements include built-in adjustable wings which can be individually positioned to contour the seat back to the users shape. Of course, pressure relief, seat width adjustment, seat depth adjustment, elevating legrest with footplate all come as standard - to name just a few.

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Adjustable tilt-in-space recline action

Back angle recline

Adjustable seat depth

Adjustable integral seat width – incorporated into the chair frame, no need for additional cushions or tools for adjustment.  Seat width adjusts from 380-500mm. (Small SmartSeat 280 - 400 mm)

Multi-adjustable backrest has three upper-backrest components which can be altered in height, depth, angle, offset and rotation

Adjustable channel legrest

Unique stowable angle and depth adjustable footplate - can be stowed and deployed at any angle of chair tilt without disruption to the patient, whilst providing customised comfort and support.

Precision engineered ‘floating-tracking’ legrest - comes with new ‘floating tracking technology’ whereby legrest length adjusts with elevation.

Integral Watercell pressure relief

Loose covers attach using ‘J-Strip’ technology (no Velcro or staples) specifically designed for infection control.

Castors/push handle

Removable arms

Adjustable head and shoulder support
Adjustable tilt-in-space recline action
Integral adjustable footplate
Removable arms
Adjustable head and shoulder support

Hospital wards, hospices and respite care

Domestic/homecare environments

Paediatric units and schools

Available in two models - Small and Medium

Motorised option available

Range of crib 5 flame retardent waterproof vinyls and fabrics to choose from

Custom made devices for client specific requirements

Belts and harnesses

Range of headrests

Adjustable laterals



Seat wedge

Detachable footplate pad

Adjustable laterals
Footplate pad
Range of belts and harnesses
Seat wedge
Adjustable laterals

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