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Protac SenSit® is a chair used for stimulating the sensory system. The chair's mouldable, sense-stimulating ball filling inside the seat, back and side flaps makes the user feel comfortable in sitting and reclining positions. The balls stimulate the body's sense of touch as well as the muscle and joint position senses, and the weight and pressure of the balls increase body awareness and promote calmness. With its four side flaps, the chair hugs the body closely, giving the user a feeling of safety and security.
Relaxation and comfort
Protac SenSit® can be used for relaxation like a regular armchair. The stimulating effect the chair has makes it a great place to take a "time-out" from hectic daily life or difficult situations. Restlessness and feelings of insecurity are put to rest when sitting in the chair, and its surrounding flaps give the user a feeling of comfort and well-being.
Focus and concentration
Because Protac SenSit® alleviates mental and physical unrest when the user sits in the chair, it can also be useful in situations that demand extra focus and concentration, e.g. in class or while doing homework.
Recommended by specialists
Therapists and specialists use Protac SenSit® as a tool for stimulating the sensory system in sensory rooms, Snoezelen rooms and therapy. The chair can also be used when preparing for therapy and training sessions, as it makes the user feel relaxed, calm and collected and ready for training
Design and size
Protac SenSit® is available in eight modern and practical colours. Puffs of matching colour and material are also available for purchase. The chair comes in two different heights. The standard model is suitable for people up to 180 cm tall. People who are taller than 180 cm can benefit from using the model with an extra high back.
Protac SenSit® can be used by all age groups to relieve mental and physical unrest. It is also of benefit to those with ADHD, autism, neurological disorders, mental illnesses, sensory processing disorders or developmental disorders. 

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