Protac GroundMe

Sense-stimulating foot cushion that eases restless legs syndrome, hyperactivity and difficulty concentrating.


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Calmness and concentration 
Protac GroundMe® stimulates the sense of touch as well as the muscle and joint position senses, sharpening concentration and promoting better learning. 

Better posture 
Protac GroundMe® stabilises the feet and improves posture. The balls inside the top layer of the cushion stimulate the feet, providing relief for restless legs. The foot cushion can be used when working, eating or relaxing. 

Floor cushion for young children 
Protac GroundMe® can also be used as a floor cushion for young children at institutions, for example. The pressure and movement of the balls promotes calmness and focus. 

Recommended by the experts 
Therapists and specialists use the foot cushion as an aid for motor skill training. For example, it can be used as part of a motor skills obstacle course that challenges and trains balance and coordination. 

Design and sizes 
Protac GroundMe® has a foam bottom and sits sturdily on all surfaces. The upper layer is a pocket of loose plastic balls beneath an elastic top cover. Carrying straps make it easy to take the cushion around with you. It can also be hung up when not in use. Protac GroundMe® is available in two different heights. The 20 cm high cushion is most suitable as a floor cushion.
Protac GroundMe® is suitable for both children and adults, and alleviates balance problems, learning disabilities and physical unrest. The foot cushion can also be of benefit to those with ADHD, autism and restless legs syndrome. 

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