Protac Ball Cushion™

Sense-stimulating seat cushion for young children who have difficulty sitting still and concentrating.


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The Protac Ball Cushion™ is a seat cushion filled with plastic balls and is used for children and adults who feel restless. It helps improve body awareness, alleviates uneasiness and hyperactivity and promotes concentration and learning. 

Dynamic sitting posture 
The Protac Ball Cushion™ provides a better, more dynamic posture. If you move around in the seat, the balls inside the cushion will also move a bit, bringing the body's centre of gravity beyond its base of support. In order to regain your balance, you have to automatically shift your position and sit up straight. Shifting positions trains the muscles around the abdomen, back and lumbar area; this increases muscle tone and straightens your posture which relieves the pressure on your spine. For someone with a very restless body, the cushion can effectively absorb this restlessness since the person will be moving on the cushion constantly. 

Better concentration and learning 
The continuous stimulation from the balls provides the user with a more distinct awareness of the body and a greater sense of calm. This makes it easier to focus and concentrate on new tasks and input. 

Recommended by specialists
The Protac Ball Cushion™ is also used to assist with balance problems and train muscle tone in occupational therapy and physical therapy.
Design, sizes and weight
The Protac Ball Cushion™ comes in several models and sizes. Models with large balls (38 mm) offer the most movement and stimulation. For those who would like a more general, less intense stimulation to the sensory system, we recommend a model with smaller balls (25 mm). Small balls are also most suitable for users that are small, thin or SenSitive. 

The Protac Ball Cushion™ can alleviate balance problems, hyperactivity, learning disabilities and difficulty concentrating, low muscle tone and physical unrest. 

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