Proforma Hybrid System - Embedded


The Remtec Proforma Hybrid system is a dynamic alternating mattress replacement system combining the benefits of modern foam technology and traditional dynamic air mattresses.

The design is for patients considered to be at ‘Very High Risk’.

The Embedded system features the dynamic air cells sandwiched between two layers of foam - the top layer being castellated and pressure relieving.  This makes the alternating of the air cells more subtle and far less noticeable for the patient.  This system is often preferred by those who dislike the sensation caused by a traditional alternating surface.

A combination of the quietest pump on the market and high comfort levels, this
system offers a very flexible package with little or no disruption to patient comfort
due to the simplicity in setting up in order to meet a particular patient’s clinical
requirements. This, in turn, significantly reduces decontamination and logistical
The HF-welded ‘Dartex’ material outer cover stretches in multiple directions, has
excellent permeability properties and a long life while meeting stringent infection
control requirements.

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Medium - Very High Risk
High frequency welded seams
Dartex top sheet
Cutouts in side walls
Alarm system for fault/ pressure alert
Fast CPR deflation
Designed and manufactured in the UK

Minimal carer training required

Weight capacity of 250Kg - Hybrid use

Weight capacity of 159Kg - Static use

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