Reducing and relieving the pressure associated with prolonged sitting or lying is a considerable challenge within the healthcare industry. If this pressure is left unchecked, it can lead to skin and tissue damage, accelerate joint problems and result in the development of painful pressure ulcers.

At Remtec, we understand this and supply a wide range of proven pressure relieving equipment and chairs. These incorporate the very latest technology and actively promote healthy posture, user comfort and weight distribution.

Advanced foams, gels and cushions are used to encourage correct seating positions whilst optimising support and pressure relief. Fabrics are also carefully chosen to help regulate body temperature and perspiration. In addition, many of our pressure relieving chairs incorporate features that are designed with long term patient welfare in mind.

For example, chairs with a ‘tilt-in-space’ recline function allow user position to be altered without changing the position of their knees and hips. Our chairs can also be quickly and easily adjusted to suit individual requirements and preferences.

We work sympathetically with customers to ensure that in every application, the benefits are maximised.  Furthermore our unique and flexible approach enables us to provide client assessments and product demonstrations where applicable along with helpful after sales service.

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