CareFlex 2018 – Pressure Mapping Evaluation


CareFlex recently completed a pressure mapping study with an independent representative from Sumed, with the aim of providing healthcare professionals prescribing CareFlex chairs with the evidence needed to prove product effectiveness.

Click here to read the report and see the fantastic results.

Seminal work by Kosiak states that average pressures of 60-70mmHg for 1-2 hours may lead to soft tissue pressure injury1.
A recent study by Kim & Chang showed average pressures for foam cushions as 61.92mmHg and air adjustable cushions as 60.95mmHg2.
This study indicated that WaterCell Technology can offer lower average pressures, with a range between 27-32mmHg.



Kosiak M (1959) Etiology and pathology of ischemic ulcers Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 40(2):62-69


Kim WJ, Chang M (2013) A Comparison of the Average Sitting Pressures and Symmetry Indexes between Air-adjustable and Foam Cushions Journal of Physical Therapy Science 25(9):1185–118

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